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We are very happy to announce the release of our second album, "Murky Dream", which is out December 18, 2014. Like on the first album, all the songs are written and arranged by the two of us, and the musical style is still within the form of Americana.

The album is available on CD (from this site), iTunes, Spotify, Wimp, Amazon and other websites you buy or listen to music.

Our first album "Like a Soul Train", released November 2013, is still available from the same places and on CD. 


Our music video "King of the River" from our first album can be viewed on YouTube, see link below. The song "Murky Dream" can be viewed in the same channel.


Follow us at our Facebook-page, see link below.


We received many positive comments on our first album, newspapers wrote about it and a few radio channels, including our national NRK, have played songs from the album. We really appreciate this, and hope that "Murky Dream" will achieve some attention too.